How does health insurance work? And what are the most typical plans people choose around the world? A few examples to note down!

Because your health does not understand schedules or waiting times, this type of insurance guarantees you first class private medical care, with easy and direct access to all specialties without waiting lists. It is clear that if you can afford it, the coverage and service of the health insurance gives you a better well-being and quality of life. As the insured of a health policy you pay a fixed fee, normally monthly, to the insurance company so that they can take care of you, help you and be by your side when you get sick. Health insurance is essential in many countries that do not have affordable and universal public health care.

In our country, we have a quality public health system but with certain limitations that are covered by health insurance, such as the freedom to choose a doctor or the immediacy of being treated. In the Netherlands people call this zorgverzekeraars vergelijken, and you can save a ton of money by doing this.


Before contracting a health insurance you should know what modalities exist. Each person is different, so you should choose the insurance that best suits you without paying more for it.

Medical insurance: it is the usual modality of the health insurance. If you choose it, you will be able to receive medical assistance from the list of professionals and health establishments that have been arranged by the insurance company. The list divides the professionals by typology and province.

  1. Medical staff with co-payments: you have access to the list of medical staff professionals but with the addition that you will have to pay each time you request a service and make use of the medical services. From a medical visit, to an X-ray or blood tests. This helps to reduce a little the fee to pay each month, it would be like the franchise in the car insurance.
  2. Reimbursement of expenses: it is the premium modality of a health insurance since it allows you to go freely to any doctor or clinic whether or not it is integrated in the medical directory. Initially you will pay the expenses of the services received but the insurance company will later reimburse you according to the established limits – depending on the company you will be paid 80 or 90% of the cost.


Before signing the contract, professionals from the insurance company will contact you to carry out a brief health questionnaire. This is done to evaluate and take into account possible pre-existing illnesses that you may have suffered and to assess aspects that may aggravate the price of your insurance. The health insurance of a smoker is not the same as that of a non-smoker. The price will also be affected to the person who practices risk sports. Also if you drive special vehicles like a scooter, we would like to advice you to use a tool to start with scooterverzekering vergelijken.

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